I have always been a believer in the old saying, you are what you eat — whether this be physical, mental or emotional — whatever you consume most frequently is ultimately what you become.

If you eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner you will become fat, because you are consuming large amounts of cream and sugar.

While your stomach is connected to your physique, your eyes and ears are connected to your brain, and in turn your mind.

So, the same can be said for mental consumption.

If all you consume is Facebook feeds, pornography and brain-numbing series like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you will become very well-versed in idiotic political rants, (fake) sex , and Hollywood drama.

The Big Question Becomes — What Do You Want to Become?

In a world where technology is at our fingertips, we have access to massive amounts of content — some of this content can help us change the world, but the majority of it is nothing more than a shiny time-waster.

In order to discover the content that it is going to help us change the world, we have to start looking in the right places.

I believe books are a good place to start looking.

A few months back I noticed something rather bothersome about myself, anytime I had 5 minutes to spare, I would immediately grab for my iPhone and begin scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I did the math and realized I was spending between 1–2 hours a day scrolling mindlessly, wasting valuable time that I could have spent reading.

So, I Made a Rule — Anywhere My Phone Goes, A Good Book Goes Too

It has been a game-changer.

Since integrating the habit, I feel smarter, sharper and honestly… more fulfilled.

There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with reading and completing a good book.

Before noon today, I had logged 45 minutes of reading time — 20 minutes waiting on the doctor (who seems to always have a habit of running late), 10 minutes waiting on the barista to make my coffee (the line was backed up) and another 15 minutes before writing this post (I was feeling uninspired).

My book of choice? On Writing by Stephen King.

I am no rocket scientist, but I would bet a pretty penny I could learn more from The King of Horror than even the most sophisticated of FB posts.

By Cole Schafer

Cole is the copy chief at Honey Copy, where he helps startups make more money through emails and landing pages that read like poetry and sell like Ogilvy. When he isn’t slinging copy, he is right here on Medium sharing ideas about life, business and marketing. Or riding alpacas.

Written by

I write pretty words and sometimes sell things. https://coleschafer.com/subscribe

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