Why Dollar Shave Club is marketing on PornHub.

What you can learn from this men’s grooming giant getting in bed with the world’s largest adult entertainment site.

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Men who watch porn and men who lie about watching porn.

I’m being facetious, obviously.

As tough as Russia is…

Side note: while Russians might be some tough S.O.B.’s they’re average visit duration on PornHub is in 7-minute range…

This isn’t the case anymore.

When Dollar Shave Club was bought by Unilever for an amount so gargantuan it’ll piss you off… they decided to begin diversifying their paid marketing.

Now, that’s just nasty.

So, Dollar Shave Club began surfacing on PornHub in ridiculously clever, well-written ads like this one doubling as both an advertisement and as Harry Potter’s invisible cloak for men who might get walked in on mid-beat…

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Does marketing on PornHub work?

The short answer is yes.

“It’s not expensive. But interestingly, the exposure that you can get and the impressions are huge. There was a strategic reason why we went there. We are very much about having guys’ backs. We like to think that we’re looking out for guys. It’s no secret that guys go there, we turn up where guys are going to be. One of the ads that we ran actually ended up from a front page of Reddit but it was a simple: “We’re here to tell you Dollar Shave Club has more than razors. This ad is also an escape hatch if someone walks in on you.” So it’s like click it, you’re out.”

All that said, let’s discuss the takeaways from what very well might be the strangest article I’ve ever written in Stranger Than Fiction.

What you can learn from Dollar Shave Club‘s love affair.

First and foremost, not all brands can market on PornHub. You’re smart. You know that.

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