What if the world wasn’t watching?

Sooner or later, every individual doing an important thing must ask themselves an important question –– would I still be doing this important thing if the world wasn’t watching?

If the answer happens to be no, then the individual must take it upon him or herself to either find an important thing they care enough about to continue doing if and when the world stops watching… or hope the world never stops watching.

I will save you some time and heartache on the latter –– eventually the world always stops watching –– not forever but certainly for a little while.

In some regard, I think it is the universe’s way of separating the players from the bullshit.

For example, several years back when Instagram first came out, everyone decided they were a photographer. Everyone started buying expensive professional cameras that they had no idea how to use. Everyone started changing their social bios to ‘+ photographer’. And, everyone started printing fancy business cards to pass out at all those “networking events”.

Everyone, that is, except for the players.

And, by players, I mean the photographers who were and still are in the game for the long haul. Those who have opted into their crafts with the death do us part mentality.

Since Instagram’s fruition, the art of photography has gone from being something sacred to something that is pursued strictly for vanity. Something I don’t feel guilty for saying, considering I have absolutely no skin in the photography game.

My guess is that if tomorrow Instagram removed all “likes” or “hearts” or “cock tugs” from their platform, that 99% of the “photographers” would stop taking pictures.

I think I feel comfortable saying the same for Medium.

By Cole Schafer.

Cole is the copy chief at Honey Copy, where he helps startups make more money through emails and landing pages that read like poetry and sell like Ogilvy. When he isn’t slinging copy, he is right here on Medium sharing ideas about life, business and marketing. Or riding alpacas.

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I write pretty words and sometimes sell things. https://coleschafer.com/subscribe

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