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Fighting is useless if you’re not gaining ground. It wastes time, energy and resources for nothing in return.

Before you fight — be it in life, relationships or business — have a cause or objective in mind.

Be very aware of what battle you hope the fighting will win — what change you’re hoping to make.

Otherwise, it’s simply fighting for the sake of fighting.

And, when you fight just to fight, nobody walks away victorious — it becomes a race to the bottom. Who can run out of time, energy and resources first?

I encourage you and myself to highlight the battles in our lives that are missing an objective and lay down our arms.

By Cole Schafer.

One day these one minute writings will be a big book called “One Minute, Please.” Can I let you know when that day comes?

You can say yes, here.

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I write pretty words and sometimes sell things.

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