I throughly enjoy Sriracha. I put it on everything. I put it on grilled chicken. I put on vegetable stir-fry. I put it on pizza.

The other night I was eating three fried eggs soaked in Sriracha. When I forked into one of the yolks, it shot a tiny splatter of Sriracha into my right eye and I was overcome by an intense burning sensation.

I sprinted to the bathroom, frantically splashed water into my eyes for a minute or so, until the pain died down a bit.

I then sat back down to my eggs and Sriracha and continued eating them while my right eye stung lightly.

This is a metaphor for our life’s passions. Just because we love something doesn’t mean it’s not going to hurt us. And, just because it hurts us doesn’t mean it’s not worth loving.

Don’t throw the eggs and Sriracha away the minute you get stung — the same can be said for our passions, interests, careers and people.

By Cole Schafer.

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