Sitting silent in a room.

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I can tell you the difference between a happy man and a sad man. One can sit silent in a room. One can not.

These dings and buzzes and flurries of notifications weren’t created to make us productive. They were created to distract us from silence. They were created to be louder than the noise in our heads.

In a world that is filled with unhappy people whom are constantly connected — it might be worth while to disconnect from time to time.

Let the thoughts and the demons and the fears and the anxieties creep out from the darkest corners of your skull and surround you as you sit silent in a room.

The first time you see them they will hurt you. But, if you show up everyday and commit to sit silent in a room away from the world’s distractions, eventually they’ll sit with you.

And then, you will find peace.

By Cole Schafer.

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