Shaving my head was the best thing that ever happened to me.

A short essay on balding, writing, marketing and wild personal growth.

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*In fairness to me, I was definitely hyper-aware of it’s thinning but it was thinning nonetheless.

I recall one day running to the store…

and buying $70 worth of “hair growth shampoo” that some men’s wellness blog had recommended, walking in my bathroom, turning on the shower and beginning to remove the fancy shampoos from their fancy packaging.

“Maybe, I don’t need my hair…”

That moment, I shut off the shower.

Great long-lasting hair isn’t unlike being well-endowed or blessed with good looks…

Some men, for no rhyme or reason at all, are lucky and are born with great hair or big dicks or devilishly good-looking looks or by the luck of the draw, all three.

I could control the foods I put into my body and how hard I hit the gym.

I started a one-person creative writing business that today does six-figures a year and will eventually do a million because while I couldn’t control my hair thinning…

I could control working my ass off to build a profitable business.

I started worrying less about what women thought of my physical appearance and more about how I could connect with them emotionally and mentally because while I couldn’t control my hair thinning…

I could control how I treated and cared about people.

I starting writing and reading voraciously (eventually making it a full-time career where I today get paid to do both) because while I couldn’t control my hair thinning…

I could control building upon my intelligence, creativity and writing abilities.

Ironically, since shaving my head… I’ve gotten much more physically fit, I’ve built a profitable business, I’ve connected far better with the opposite sex (and people in general) and I’ve become a far more talented writer.

I see a lot of men today struggle with male pattern baldness.

For some, it’s completely and totally debilitating, decimating their confidence, their self-image and at times even their happiness.

“Baldness only happens to men who can handle it.”

While, I’m not sure if this is true or not, I adore the philosophy… this idea that baldness doesn’t happen to a man but for a man.

*Also, I think it’s worth while to keep in mind that we’re talking about balding here, not getting your limbs blown off in war.

In addition, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about women…

because I think for most men, when it comes to losing their hair… that’s one of the biggest concerns.

And, guess what?

While none of us can control what we’ve been dealt physically, we can control what we build internally.

Now, you know I have to tie all of this into marketing.

That’s what Honey Copy is all about, after all, writing pretty words that sell like hell.

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I write pretty words and sometimes sell things.

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