Psychological warfare in the bedroom.

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It’s easier than ever before to feel and think less — especially when it comes to feelings we don’t want to feel and thoughts we don’t want to think.

When feelings and thoughts begin to make our hearts pound, our throats ache and our stomachs churn we can quickly and easily distract ourselves by simply switching on Netflix, scrolling through Instagram or losing ourselves in our phones.

This game of cat and mouse. This game of when the nasty mouse shows up (being it feelings or thoughts) we call the cat (some quick distraction) is dangerous — it’s lethal.

To feel and think less hurts less but it also makes us less human.

When you start to notice life is becoming a never-ending blur of videos, pictures and screens just stop. Drop your phone. Walk into you room. Close the door behind you. Sit — sit for an hour if you have to. Sit with those thoughts and feelings for the first time in a long time.

There will be a war in that room.

But, a war that you’ve been avoiding for far too long.

By Cole Schafer.

One day these one minute writings will be a big book called “One Minute, Please.” Can I let you know when that day comes?

You can say yes, here.

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I write pretty words and sometimes sell things.

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