Passing judgment (without passing judgment).

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People suffer from two nasty ailments — both of which are very different from one another.

The first of the two is being overly judgmental towards others — not in a constructive way but in a toxic vindictive way that leaves everyone feeling less.

The second of the two is not being judgmental enough — or being in agreement with every idea and thought and belief that is thrown one’s way.

Perhaps, there is benefit in finding balance in both — passing judgment (without passing judgment). It requires a level of humility. It is something along the lines of…

I know I don’t know everything (but I know everyone else doesn’t know everything either). Maybe, we can figure it out together.

By Cole Schafer.

One day these one minute writings will be a big book called “One Minute, Please.” Can I let you know when that day comes?

You can say yes, here.

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I write pretty words and sometimes sell things.

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