Nobody expects anything from the victim.

Everyone (including myself) likes to play the victim card. We like to write and sing and talk about how we were dealt a bad hand or treated unfairly in some situation or another.

In many ways, being the victim is easy. Once you announce to the world that you are the victim… the world lowers its expectations.

Pressure is off.

Being the hero, on the other hand, is much harder. When you fail, the world knows about it. When you mess up, the world writes about it. When you hurt someone (which all of us do), the world talks about it.

Heroes are held to a higher standard than victims. And, since being a hero is much harder than being a victim, we see more victims than heroes.

In fact, we are seeing so many victims that simply being a victim is no longer enough. It’s now a competition between victims, a never-ending battle for the “Who Got It Worse” trophy.

By Cole Schafer.

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