Nate, you bring up some great points.

In regards to being a paying member… for the past 6-months I have been on a bit of an information diet. I can be a a podcast, blog and book junkie. So, I have made a better effort to concentrate on taking action and writing versus strictly consuming new information –– hence waiting on the membership for the time being.

With that said, if I am going to offer recommendations for Medium, it’s only right that I am a paying member. I appreciate you keeping me accountable here.

In regards to the online courses. While not in all cases, I believe a well-written $10 book offers as much (if not more) insight than the majority of hundred dollar eCourses out there.

However, there are certainly eCourses that I imagine are hugely insightful. For example, I am currently budgeting for Neville Medhora’s copywriting course.

My major issue with eCourses is this –– how accessible is a $200+ online course to the vast majority of people? Not everyone has $200 lying around, but I would guess most people can spare $9.99 on a quality course.

I believe there are enough talented minds on Medium that we could consistently shell out B+ level eCourses at $9.99… which to me makes more sense than paying $200 for an A+ level eCourse. And again, that is assuming that the eCourse is that level of caliber.

So, I guess my point is this ––

Do quality eCourses need to cost more than $100? I am not sure that they do.

With that said, I respect where you are coming from. And, we might just have to agree to disagree.

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