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Love, I know you’re looking at me like I’m a Kamikaze, piercing my way through the sky in a burning plane craving death as much as I crave life. But, please know it’s all more than that. I’m not worried about a retirement fund or a pretty house with a picket fence or a 401k plan or “moderation” (what the fuck is moderation anyway). I’m not worried about what I’m supposed to be doing to prepare for three decades tomorrow because truth be told I don’t think I’m going to make it until then. I’m not here to create a legacy. I’m here to set the sky on fire like a shooting star, just for a moment. I’m here to light this world ablaze and then I want to be gone. Any extra time the reaper lets me stick around after that, well that’s just cherries love. That’s just cherries on top. I wanna fuck like a rockstar. I wanna drink whiskey like I have demons to kill. I wanna kiss pretty strangers. I wanna run wild like a cowboy kid. I wanna love my homies like brothers because they are my brothers. I wanna make so much money that I have to give it all away when I bite the dust. I wanna tattoo my off-white skin black so the mortician has some pretty pictures to look at when the music finally stops. So, keep looking at me like that Love. I am a Kamikaze. Just know, it’s more than that.

By Cole Schafer.

P.S. One day these one-minute writings will be a big book called “One Minute, Please.” Can I let you know when that day comes? .

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I write pretty words and sometimes sell things.

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