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The religious are quick to point out the dangers of lust. But, I would argue the creator could have made it easier on all of us. He didn’t have to make her eyes that lovey of a shade nor her lips so soft and enticing. He didn’t have to make her hair so damn long and thick and ever flowing. The curve of her neck could have been more subtle, and her back less intoxicating. And, let’s not get started on her hips, that was a cruel joke that set everyone in this world up for failure before we even took our first steps.

Like Eve, I’m going to eat the apple and keep eating it because it’s sweet and crisp and stunning. And, if I’m ever sent to hell because of it, I’ll be sure to send my compliments to the chef.

P.S. I’m writing a book filled with little one minute reads like this one… can I tell you when it’s done?

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