Don’t sell the house, sell the home.

A lesson in copywriting.

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How to sell more *homes with better copywriting.

“You know, it’s okay, it just doesn’t feel like home.”

The pair have two wildly different definitions.

“A building for human habitation”.

“A place where one lives”.

How to describe a home.

“Unprecedented urban estate. 25,000 square foot masterpiece on Lincoln Park’s finest street. Sited on an enormous 177' x 149' parcel totaling more than eight city lots, every step has been taken to provide complete privacy and tranquility…”

“At first glance — and perhaps glance two because it’s nearly impossible to take just one — this towering mansion in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood looks like just that, a mansion.

However, once you open the rod iron gates that line the property like stoic guardians, you’ll realize it is much much more.

That it is a home.

It’s been home to the Smith’s who made their fortunes in oil. It’s been home to the Patterson’s who operated the largest trucking business North America has ever seen.

And, now, it very well may be home to you.

While it appears to be completely and totally perfect from the photographs, I must confess one blemish. On the north facing wall of the wine cellar, you’ll find a succession of blue, red and yellow marks made from a sharpie that documented the growth spurts of The Patterson boys. The Patterson boys have grown older and now have homes of their own and they said they’d be more than happy to paint them over and perhaps provide a fresh canvas for you to do your own documenting…”

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I write pretty words and sometimes sell things.

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