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Photo by Bence Boros on Unsplash.

I caught up to her yesterday. Only for a moment. She was taking a break by the small pond on the other side of town — right where the grass grows long and the trees begin to climb.

She was naked and she was beautiful — green eyes — blue when the setting sun hit them at the right angle.

I had never been this close to her before. Yet, an arms reach felt so far away. Crouching like a lurking lion I readied my legs to pounce — and as I did a fallen branch beneath my left foot snapped — letting loose a whiplash through the silent landscape.

She turned. We held stares for a moment’s time. Then, she was gone.

I was chasing prolific yeterday.

I was an arms reach away.

I never caught her though.

She’s to smart and to wise and to quick and to aware.

Maybe tomorrow.

Or, perhaps, the day after that.

By Cole Schafer.

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